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Style + Integrity
Shade reimagined


Frankford manufactures a wide range of commercial and residential shade products with an unmatched combination of design, quality and durability. All at a competitive price—delivered when you need it. We offer beautiful cantilever, market, patio, and beach umbrellas that are made to endure.

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For over 100 years, Frankford Umbrellas believes in providing an exceptional product, at a reasonable price, with superior customer service.
Modern design
A sleek, modern design is paramount in creating your outdoor vision
High quality
Frankford umbrellas are built to last, and are truly the best in the industry
Exceptional service
We stand behind (and under) our products, and we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction
Best fabric
We stock marine-grade 9 oz. fabric that is easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, won’t sag or stretch over time
Precisely crafted to last 4-6 years or longer in a commercial setting
Competitive pricing
A premium product, without the premium you may be used to— we believe in the true meaning of value
Timely delivery
Lead time is short: 1-2 weeks for stock and 3-6 weeks for custom orders
Our fabric warranties of 7-10 years and frame warranties of up to 5 years are the best in the industry
Built in the USA
Proudly built in New Jersey, USA to provide shade for the entire country and internationally
Wide variety of shade
Cantilevers, Market, Patio, Giant and Beach Umbrellas in addtion to Cabanas, Loungers and various shade accessories

Style + Integrity.
Shade reimagined.