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Pools and Spas for Sale in Omaha

In Omaha, the laid back lifestyle can get a little rushed at times. Especially if you have had a long and tiring week at work. While getting some fresh air and going out for a hiking trip may help ease your stress, there is another way to do this from the comfort of your home. It is by having your very own spa! And, if you’re in for a little round of exercise, then a pool is the ideal addition as well.

To get your hands on the best pools and spas in Omaha, there is only one place to look into. It is Outdoor Living. Why is this so? Well, our affordable prices and desire for perfection are sure to give you a high return on your investment. Read ahead to learn more about what our pools and spas in Omaha have to offer.

Benefits of a Pool Or Spa In Your Home

Pools and spas are not just a form of luxury in your home. They are the gateway to a healthier and happier life. And the pools and spas at Outdoor Living come with additional benefits that will leave you in awe. Here are some of them:    

  • Our spas come with the latest fixtures and technology. You can expect your body to feel rejuvenated after spending some time in the home spa
  • Our clients have given positive reviews about having a good night’s sleep after investing in our hot tubs and spas
  • The spas consume less energy, keeping      your utility bills low and dopamine levels high
  • Pools that are designed to your liking can help put a smile on your face and increase the value of your property. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, you can expect a high price with the installation of our pools and spas
  • Our pools and spas are low maintenance and long lasting. You can expect them to operate efficiently for decades
  • You can enjoy the weekend with your friends and family in your spa or have a pool party. This is sure to make your home the ideal hang out spot.

Why Purchase from The Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living has been the premier supplier of spas in Omaha for years. We only offer the best hot tubs and spas in Omaha! You can even purchase pool and spa accessories and covers from us. They are durable, reliable, and of premium quality.

We have invested in cutting edge technology for our products and have the most certified professionals working with us. They are friendly and approachable and can answer all your concerns. And, they are also experts in installing pools and spas in Omaha. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about      anything going wrong.

And, the best part is that our products are highly affordable. You won’t have to save up for them – you can purchase them and have them in your home within no time! Check out our deals and offers on our website before we run out of stock!

How to Place an Order

You can invest in pools and spas in Omaha by checking out to our website here. Browse through our catalog and read up on the specifications. We have a wide range that can get overwhelming to pick from.      You can always give our experts a call and have them guide you on which pool or spa would best suit your preferences. You can even visit our store and have a look. From hot tubs and spas, all are sure to be available. And, a warranty is a given – the pools and spas purchased from us are going to last you for a long time!


Swimming Pools in Omaha – What to Consider When Getting One

Installing a swimming pool can add a unique experience to your home, allowing you to relax with family and friends. Not to mention, you’ll also be able to host some fantastic parties with your closest friends. Also, if you ever plan to sell your property in the future, you’ll be pleased to know that a swimming pool often increases the value of the property. If you’re looking at swimming pools in Omaha, then there are a few things you should familiarize yourself with before starting the process.

Swimming pools are undoubtedly costly ventures (but worth it), so you should be completely sure about the pool you want before you invest in one. Therefore, this article provides you with some points to keep in mind, including the design and in-ground installation.

Choosing Between Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing swimming pool, then an in-ground pool is the best option. When you hire a professional contractor, its team will determine whether an in-ground pool is possible in your backyard. Their assessment will also consider functionality to ensure that the pumps, filters, drainage, and chemical systems can be installed appropriately so that you can enjoy your swimming pool for years to come.

Above-ground swimming pools in Omaha are relatively more cost-effective than in-ground ones. This is usually a lot more work goes into constructing an in-ground pool. So, if budget is a concern, then an above-ground swimming pool may be a better option. You should note, however, that above-ground swimming pools are not the most attractive ones out there. That said, excellent design can help change that.

When you choose Outdoor Living – Pool & Spa, you can have open communication with us to inform us of your design preferences. This is true for both in-ground and above-ground pools. Any good contractor knows how important it is to have a collaborative approach toward such projects, as they often lead to satisfied customers. This way, you can also ensure that you get the swimming pool you envisioned for your home. Through this collaboration, the contractor can determine an ideal balance between form and functionality.

Cost of the Installing a Swimming Pool

There are numerous costs that go into the process of installing a swimming pool. In addition to the design and labor costs, you’ll end up spending money on a lot of different materials. It’s typically in your best interest to speak to one contractor that will handle all aspects for you. You are more likely to save money on that than on hiring different teams for various parts of the process.

You can get in touch with Outdoor Living to have the entire project handled by one dedicated team of experienced professionals. This construction company and store has more than 60 years of experience constructing bespoke swimming pools for the people of Omaha. As a result of their experience in the industry, they have managed to use effective and efficient methods in all aspects of the process, allowing them to offer competitive prices within the entire market.

In addition to that, it has convenient financing options that make it a possibility for many homeowners to enjoy expertly-crafted backyard swimming pools in Omaha. The financing options, along with the specials on offer, allow customers to acquire affordable luxury in their homes.

Size and Shape of the Swimming Pool

While your backyard space will ultimately inform the size of the swimming pool, the shape will depend on what you want out of your swimming pool. For example, if you want to focus on a great swimming experience, then the shape of the pool will be rectangular, relatively long, and an uninterrupted swimming corridor. Therefore, you can get from one corner to the other to practice different types of strokes.

On the other hand, you can also prioritize relaxation. In that case, underwater benches are a great option. You can speak at length with your contractor about this to see what options you have at your disposal and whether you can balance swimming flexibility and relaxation. Also, you can ask them more about size options, depending on the number of people you expect to use the pool at one time.

Last Few Words

So, if you’re looking for swimming pools in Omaha, take a look at what Outdoor Living – Pool & Spa has to offer. Outdoor Living has made a name for itself in balancing effective collaboration with its clients and exceptional craftsmanship, offering clients just what they’re looking for. Get in touch with Outdoor Living today and learn more about our store. You can also schedule an inspection meeting in which our professionals will come to your property, assess what must be done to create your swimming pool, and provide an estimate.